Kuboku brings 3D sudoku to iOS devices

Kuboku brings 3D sudoku to iOS devices
Puzzle-fiends rejoice: Kuboku is bringing their 3D sudoku puzzles to your Apple iOS devices. The game will take the addictive puzzle game to new levels, and offer a healthy new challenge for sudoku experts and novices alike.

As if regular 2D sudoku weren't hard enough, Kuboku adds a third dimension to the popular puzzle game. Instead of a 9x9 grid, Kuboku utilizes an 8x8x8 cube.

The concept is basically the same, where only one digit of a given value can occupy each line and its sub-grid. In this case, the sub-grid is the 2x2x2 cube within the whole.

Don't be intimidated by the new format. The makers of Kuboku reassure us that there are many levels of customizable difficulty, so even beginners can play matches that will only take them minutes to solve.

Kuboku is available now in the App Store for US$1.99, and includes a generous 1000-level set.

source: Kuboku via Gizmodo

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