KINGMAX introduces world's first 64GB microSD card

KINGMAX introduces world's first 64GB microSD card
If your smartphone's storage capacity is never enough for your needs, KINGMAX has you covered. The Taiwanese manufacturer has just introduced the world's first 64GB microSD card, which should be plenty of storage for even the biggest digital hoarders out there.

Just think about it – teaming your smartphone with a 64GB microSD card means that you can carry around a ton of photos, songs, and videos without worrying much about running out of space. KINGMAX's 64GB microSD card should be able to hold about 30,000 digital photos in their original resolution, over 2,000 audio albums, or more than 24 hours of 720p HD video. Besides that, the module is rated as Class 6, which means that the microSD card should be able to read and write data at speeds of over 48Mbits per second. KINGMAX has also implemented error correction control, promises low energy consumption, and tops everything with a lifetime guarantee.

So how do you get one? It is too early to say – pricing and availability are still to be announced, and other manufacturers might come up with 64GB microSD cards of their own. There are still too few devices that support microSD cards of that size anyway, so we wouldn't expect to see 64GB ones earlier than the end of this year.

source: KINGMAX via SlashGear

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