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John Legere poses as a superhero in T-Mobile's new #DefeatDuopoly campaign


John Legere is definitely one of the most vibrant personalities in the tech world, and it looks like the T-Mobile CEO is now a superhero as well.

In a recent T-Mobile ad that attempts to raise public awareness regarding the upcoming 600Mhz spectrum auction, which will take place in 2016, John Legere takes up the role of a superhero. The enemy? A dual-headed villain that wants to control all of the low-frequency spectrum available in the United States. As many might have guessed already, the dual-headed villain represents the AT&T/Verizon duopoly. 

In 2016, US carriers will participate in an auction for the 600MHz spectrum. T-Mobile's John Legere claims that, due to the rules of the auction, Verizon and AT&T are very likely to dominate the auction, and control most of the low-frequency spectrum that the FCC is now auctioning, much like the two biggest carriers in the United States did last year in the AWS-3 spectrum auction.

While AT&T and Verizon obviously want to maintain the rules as they are at the moment, T-Mobile wants the FCC to reserve half of the spectrum for smaller carriers. The reasoning here is that AT&T and Verizon already control more low-frequency airways than they currently need, and that they should not be allowed to control this limited but very important resource. Legere is urging the US public to back up this campaign by tweeting to the @FCC that they support it. On July 16th, the FCC will make a decision to enforce new auction rules or maintain the old ones.

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