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Jink makes meet-ups easy with simple and efficient location sharing


Developer: Greenhouse AppsDownload: Android, iOS
Genre: SocialPrice: Free

Location sharing apps aren't anything new. So, what makes Jink interesting? Currently in beta, Jink has been gaining traction by making the location sharing process exceptionally easy. The app is all about sharing your location with the people you need in as few taps as possible, and automatically ending the connection sharing when all of you meet up. This is pretty much how these things happened before we had apps to do them for us, right? So, right off the bat you know what Jink is supposed to do and how to do it.

In addition, Jink combines messaging functions with real-time location sharing to make it even easier to meet up. None of its services require you to sign up or give away some kind of data - apart from permission to use location, contacts, and push notifications, of course. But even the location is only shared with the ones you choose. Also, Jink will automatically pause your jinks if your phone's battery starts to drain, or it's been too long since you started a jink.

What we totally dig about Jink is how seamlessly it fits among the Google apps you'll find on every mainstream Android phone. Its simplicity and Google-y menus make it seem like a stock app that came installed on your phone. This ensures you will feel right at home using it.

Jink is a free app. Try it out, and since it's a beta, you can let the developers know what you think through the Feedback form within it.
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