JBL releases first iPhone and iPad speaker docks with Lightning connector

JBL first to release iOS docks with new Lightning connector
Like it or not, the new Lightning dock connector is here to stay. It is already in use with the iPhone 5 and the iPad mini, among other devices, and will be present on all of Apple's portable gadgets from now on, replacing the now-obsolete 30-pin interface. The change renders all existing iPhone and iPad docks useless, unless one buys a $30 adapter from Apple. However, one can alternatively buy a brand new docking station with a Lightning connector on it, and JBL just happens to be the first maker to release one.

Introducing the OnBeat Micro by JBL: a light and portable docking station made for the iPhone 5. It is equipped with a pair of 2 watt, full-range speakers and can work either off four AAA batteries for up to 5 hours of audio, or using AC power. And since it weighs only 360 grams, you can take the accessory with you wherever you go. 

If you need something with a little more kick, then JBL is also offering the OnBeat Venue LT, which is compatible with both the iPhone 5 and the latest iPads with a Lightning connector. The accessory is equipped with a pair of 15 watt speakers, which makes it a lot more powerful than the Micro. However, it will cost you much more too.

The JBL OnBeat Micro is priced at $100, while the OnBeat Venue LT can be ordered for $200. Both of them can be purchased from the maker's online store.

source: JBL via Electronista

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