It took just one week for Battle Dungeon creators to give up on their game due to piracy

It took just one week for Battle Dungeon creators to give up due to piracy
Apple turned the software industry on its head with the introduction of $0.99 apps in the Store - bits and pieces of code that provide the exact service we need at the moment, differing from the capable, but bloated and expensive programs we can run on our computers.

Just like with computer programs before, however, app piracy started proliferating, regardless of the very low price tag these applications have. After all, why give even a few bucks, when you can have something for free, right? 

Developers were no doubt irked by that fact, and increasingly switching to the freemium app model, instead of providing very high quality paid apps, but mobile app piracy is still very much alive and kicking, even in iOS land, though Android has been more accused of it.

The creators of Battle Dungeon just yesterday had to shut down their servers, as they got overwhelmed by demand coming from pirated copies of their iPhone and iPad game that weren't in the team's load calculations:

The game is now removed from the App Store, and those who paid full price, can contact support for a refund of the $4.99 amount, as well as any in-app purchases - a sad state of affairs.

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