Is RIM about to launch the BlackBerry Bold 9780 with BlackBerry 6?

This article contains unofficial information.
Is RIM about to launch the BlackBerry Bold 9780 with BlackBerry 6?
When a handset gets within 18 months of launch, a UAProf must be filled out. Here we have what could be a refresh of the Bold as a BlackBerry 9780 has appeared on a filing from July 20th. Featuring a physical QWERTY keyboard and a 480 x 360 screen, the device is Wi-Fi enabled. And as if the filing isn't enough proof, we now have a picture of the device, looking all spiffed up and ready to go. To fill out some more of the specs, the device has 512MB of RAM and most likely sports a 5MP camera. Outside of a darker color on the bezel, the newer OS build and some minor changes, what we have here is basically a refreshed Bold 9700. However, judging from what we've seen of the new OS and assuming that it has the new WebKit browser on board, the 9780 should be able to quench a mighty strong thirst.

source: Salomondrin, Crackberry


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