International launch for the Apple iPad gets delayed by one month

International launch for the Apple iPad gets delayed by one month
The demand for the iPad probably exceeded the expectations that Apple initially had for their launch, but the ones who will be affected most by the unexpected desire for their product will be those potential international buyers. The massive 500,000 units shipped out during its first week in conjunction with an increasing demand among consumers have already continued to place some strain on Apple as they attempt to keep up with the heavy demand. The US market is proving to be a trying task for the company as they will likely continue to exceed their supply over the course of the next few weeks as people go into stores and experience what the iPad has to offer. Despite the lack of units, Apple has already begun to take a huge number of pre-orders for the 3G model expected to be delivered by the end of April. With so much happening in the US market alone, it has forced Apple to make the difficult decision of postponing their international launch by one month – which is now looking to be the end of May. They intend on announcing international pricing and will take pre-orders starting on May 10. If there is any clear indication from what has been witnessed so far, Apple has a huge commitment ahead of themselves to produce as many units as possible to meet the expected demand that'll be no doubt brought from the international market.

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