Instinct's piecemeal upgrades start rolling out

Instinct's piecemeal upgrades start rolling out
Instinct users may have noticed several applications prompting them to upgrade last week, marking a new approach to OTA updates. In the past firmware upgrades have fixed numerous bugs and enhanced services all in one big package, but this usually meant it would be several months or more between firmware releases. As the company did with the development of the Instinct, Sprint is taking a fresh approach to updating the device. Since many of the phone's applications are powered by different vendors, each company is updating its products on its own timetable, allowing developers to be more responsive with bug fixes and enhancements. We applaud this new approach to bring customers the best product available.

Late last month Sprint released a firmware upgrade that laid the groundwork for these piecemeal updates, and last week they began to roll out. Picture Mail, the web browser, Sprint TV and Radio, Sprint Navigation, Sprint Email, Sprint Music Store, Visual Voicemail and Mobile Sync have all received upgrades in the past few days, and there are more to come. Some vendors may choose to only have updates available at certain times, "for example, they may turn it on for one hour per day, updating 1/24th of the handsets in service per day." Users will automatically be notified of an upgrade when they launch the particular application. Hit the link for a rundown of what each update brings.

source: Sprint



1. unregistered

hopefully this phone isn't as bad as the samsung's glyde. That phone was so bad it got recalled.

3. unregistered

It's not. I have used both and there's no comparison.


Posts: 1; Member since: Aug 18, 2008

its not at all. i have used almost all of the verizon phones, and the instinct blows the glyde out of the water! also a manager currently for sprint.

7. unregistered

the glyde is horrid. They offer salesmen an extra bonus to sell it, and a 100 rebate instead of a 50, and we still dont... especially now since the voyager is so cheap.

8. sinfulta unregistered

The glyde did have a software update recently that makes the phone better for the people who had issues before. And no, Salespeople do not get spiffs or bonuses to sell the glyde. They make the same money no matter which model it is. They make the money on the plan... So why would they sell you a phone your going to hate, when they can sell you something like the Voyager or Dare which will stick and not get returned. They want to keep there commission not give it away by trying to sell you a Glyde. (Insert Rolling eyes here)

9. unregistered

um, no. there are frequently spiffs and promotions that the manufacturers run for sales reps.

10. unregistered

i've never seen a spiff/promo targeted at any individual phone specific sale. the only thing that might lead a salesperson to point you to a specific device is if the device has more features they can sell you on. But nobody gets paid more for selling a glyde.

2. unregistered

Last week I had updates for VV, TV/Radio, and email but not the web, picture mail or Navigation. Can anyone confirm they were able to download updates for the last 3 mainly the web browser? All the updates I have received would ask if I wanted to download an update when the app was opened so maybe the other three are not done that way?

4. unregistered

They are all done that way. It's left to the folks who designed the software for each app. From what I understand, they may only have the upgrade live for a certain time of the day so they don't have everyone updating at the same time. If you happen to open the app at that time of day, you'll be told an update is available. That being said, I have the same three updates that you have, so perhaps the others have yet to release.

6. unregistered

Glyde is terrible. Samsung was planning to release it in Canada on Bell Mobility, but it did so poorly that they decided not to sell it there, only the Instinct.

11. unregistered

At the moment there is no spiff on the glyde the only spiffs right now we have are on ptt so whoever says there is they are a idiot. And the glyde did come out with a software update that takes care of alot of the problems the phone was having

12. unregistered

WiMax will be a completely new division of Sprint and will have its own separate Customer Service/Tech Support (hopefully in the US). The company I work for will begin shipping Wimax product the the Baltimore market on 9-17-08 and all dealer will be setting up new accounts separate from the ones they currently order their CDMA product from. Personally I would much rather have WiMax (something I would use every day) vs "better customer service" (I have maybe called them 3 times in the last year). I also believe that it was more billing issues then the actual customer service that was Sprints problem. They have already launched a completely new billing system to help with this. Also why would they just sit on it if it ready to go? This America and we are a now not later country. Like you said they are almost 2 years ahead of any other US carrier so that means they have no competition in this untouched market. Intel has already started embedding WiMax chips in laptops as well as all the advantages this will give other consumer electronics like GPS units and mp3 players.

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