Instant messaging client coming to the Microsoft KIN handsets?

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Instant messaging client coming to the Microsoft KIN handsets?

It was almost unfathomable to see a “Windows Phone” branded handset to lack some of the most basic features seen even on entry-level phones. Case in point, the Microsoft KIN handsets which plays to the strength of social networking conscious individuals out there. However, the lack of simple applications like a instant messaging one could make some people wonder how a device that gracefully integrates social networking lacks this feature. Thanks to ROM hacker Conflipper, it looks like the two handsets are in for a small treat as it's believed that an instant messaging app is on its way. Deep down somewhere in the software running the two KIN phones, he managed to uncover the foundation for an instant messaging app which supports the usual trio – AIM, Windows Live Messenger, and Yahoo Messenger. In addition, Conflipper reveals that it's possible for the handsets to receive software updates, however, Microsoft has yet to mention any future updates rolling out of the gates. When a handset is touted for being social, it makes it hard to imagine that it lacks an IM client, but hopefully things start to shape up for the KIN phones.

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source: Twitter via MobileCrunch


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1. Dark Asgard

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HMM nice to see they can do something at least lol

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