Inline game videos? Cool apps that demo the power of iMessage integration in iOS 10


Apple has slowly been opening up the gates to the "walled garden" that used to be its iOS mobile operating system, and with pretty good results. With iOS 8, for instance, it announced that third-party keyboards can replace the one and only iPhone keyboard, and, soon enough, the Apple Store was flooded with great virtual keyboards with extra functionality, so users definitely appreciated the move.

The company took note, and with the current iOS 10 edition, it is opening up Siri, as well as the pimped iMessage APIs for third-party developers as well. Of course, not each and every function or control is given to outsiders, but the integration is more than enough for talented app writers to come up with great solutions.

If we take the iMessage integration, for example, there are now a number of external devs that have taken advantage of the newly-acquired access to the Apple's venerable chat app APIs, and have folded it into their own apps. These come from a variety of industries - sports, retail, and so on - so that wherever you are, you could communicate with the chat functions you have grown accustomed to. We are lining up some of the good iMessage integration examples below to check out once you install iOS 10 on your phone or iPad. Just go to the iMessage app drawer, tap on the Store icon, and search for the respective extension.

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