Images of the iPod touch show that iPhone apps are included with it

Images of the iPod touch show that iPhone apps are included with it
Rendered shots, which are sometimes crafted with the aid of Photoshop, can better depict devices in their full glory instead of actually taking photos. However, it appears as though Apple didn't double check their works of art before making their recently announced iPod touch known to the world.

Upon checking out a few of the images for the upcoming iPod touch on their web site, one can easily spot the Phone app tucked away which is obviously not something offered by the device. Additionally, another shot shows that using the Spotlight search will reveal a result that's from a messaging app – something too that's not offered by the iPod touch. Even though Apple managed to take down one of the images, it looks as though there are a couple that remain – but we'd imagine that it wouldn't be too long before those are replaced with the correct ones. Still, it goes to show that even companies who take pride in quality control can still be vulnerable to some mistakes we can all some times overlook

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source: Engadget


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