Image of Samsung ATIV Odyssey Windows Phone for Verizon leaks

Image of Samsung ATIV Odyssey Windows Phone for Verizon leaks
Expected to be released sometime in December, the first images of the Samsung ATIV Odyssey have come to light. Thought to be a close relative of the Samsung ATIV S which is not slated to make a US release, little is known about the Odyssey.

If these renderings are correct, there appear to be quite a few differences between the two models. Gone is the physical “home” button, and on the left side of the device you can see what appears to be a microSD slot. The rest of the overall form factor is consistent with Samsung, the volume rocker is on the left, the obligatory camera key is on the right. While we cannot see it, we suspect the power/lock button is also on the right, just like its ATIV S cousin. On top we see a notch for a 3.5mm headphone jack.

Other subtle differences between the two models, the light and proximity sensors are on opposite sides of the ear piece as is the front facing camera. The front facing design is a bit more rounded as well. Beyond that, expect the same 1.5GHz dual-core processor that is in all Windows Phone 8 devices, and we can probably expect a Super AMOLED display.  While it has not been confirmed, we believe it will carry the same 4.8-inch display that is on the ATIV S.

As always, we will keep an eye out for more information about the ATIV Odyssey and pass it along.

source: @evleaks

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