Hydrogen-powered cell phone chargers – effective and environmentally friendly

Hydrogen-powered cell phone chargers – effective and environmentally friendly
In our recent article inspired by the modern environmentally-friendly cell phone technologies we mentioned about the alternative sources of energy such as the Sun, Earth´s heat, wind and chemical reactions. We guess the Taiwanese invention of a cell phone charger working on hydrogen fuel belongs to the latter category. According to the scientists involved in the project, the high-tech gadget can charge up your phone for two hours, but so far they haven´t specified batteries with what kind of capacity we are talking about. Still, the developers claim the chargers are highly efficient and can fully replace all existing power adaptors by 2012. Moreover, they are environmentally friendly, because hydrogen is completely and easily recyclable.

The development of a hydrogen charger has been backed up by the Taiwanese government, since the country is highly dependant on import of energy, with local production accounting for less than 2% of the current consumption. Finally, the technology can make the country a global leader in terms of utilizing and providing eco-friendly power solutions.

source: Yahoo! Tech

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