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Humor: What the reorganization with Google Glass really means

Humor: What the “graduation” of Google Glass really means
With the subtle and sudden, if not surprising, announcement that Google was closing down the Glass Explorer project, and suspending sales of Glass to the general public after January 19th, the $64,000 question remains: What is next for Glass?

One thing Google has made absolutely clear is that there will be a second generation of Glasswear. The “graduation” of Glass out of Google X labs and forming it into its own team (reporting to Nest founder Tony Fadell) is arguably a good sign.

That does not stop the doubters however, many developers wondering if this shift with Glass is a good thing or merely a pretense to what will be a quiet passing to the waste bin sometime down the road.

We are certain Glass is not dead, even if it is exiting the stage for the time being. There are a number of viable applications where Glass is proving its worth, and this sabbatical will give the Glass team some breathing room while it puts the finishing touches on the next generation.

Still, you have to wonder if that is really the plan…

source: The Joy of Tech
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