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Huawei says it'll be stepping up its game, is working on ceramic/metal smartphones


Pressure on manufacturers is mounting, as consumers are increasingly displeased by the sea of plasticky smartphones thrown their way. Chinese Huawei, the current number three manufacturer worldwide, seems to be well aware of that, as suggested by an interview the company's Chief Marketing Officer gave for Trusted Reviews. 

Shao Yang, the executive in question, has confirmed that the vendor is exploring more premium options when it comes to smartphones, including metal and even ceramic. According to Yang, and that is a notion that has been brought up a whole lot lately, the materials used in the construction of a smartphone are central to the overall satisfaction with it. This means that Huawei will be focusing less and less on plastic, as it explores what it can do with a more premium set of materials. Despite popular opinion, however, polycarbonate is an extremely practical choice when it come to smartphones, as it is both durable and tough, and a switch to something fancier, like ceramic or glass, entails design and architectural difficulties that make the entire process even more expensive.

Huawei has also confirmed that metal-clad phones are something it is considering very seriously, and we get the feeling that the vendor is dead serious. Apparently, the company is intent on following up from the Ascend P6.

We sure like it when manufacturers share their ambitions, and with mounting pressure from local rival Lenovo, we sure are expecting Huawei to step up its game. Hopefully, the company will deliver on these promises, for we sure would love a break from a plastic-only world.

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