How to add emoticons/emoji to folder names in Android

The great green Android robot lets you do many things with it, and is the most versatile mobile operating system out there. One of these things is creating app folders on your home screens, which has been a feature in Android for a while now. This way you can categorize and distribute your apps thematically, while some of the popular launchers or manufacturer overlays out there even do this for you, putting all GApps in a folder titled Google, for example, for faster, easier access, and reduced clutter.

You are no doubt familiar with the fact that you can change the folder names at will by tapping on the folder, and then on its title at the bottom. Your on-screen keyboard will then pop up, and you will be able to change the default name of the folder. Did you know, however, that you can also use emoji for the folder titles?

Yep, that's right - those funny (or sad ,or ironic) pictograms dubbed emoticons that we are so used to employing during our endless chat sessions, can be used to signify your attitude towards the content of the newly-created, or renamed app folder. Simply tap on the folder, then on its name below, then use your stock keyboard emoji, and Android will display them together with the folder name. Alternatively, you can only use the emoji as a name, no harm, no foul. Check out the process, visualized in the slideshow on the right.

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