How to add Android apps and games to your Google Play wishlist

How to add Android apps and games to your Google Play wishlist
Please note: this is a tutorial for inexperienced users.

Ever wanted to buy something from Google Play, but couldn't do it right away (not enough credit/money being one of the reasons)? Well, no worries: you can save any Google Play item in a personal wishlist so you don't forget to get it later.

Google Play features wishlists since almost four years ago, making it easy for users to save apps, games, music, and other content that they can't (or don't want to) download immediately on their Android phone or tablet.

Adding items to your Google Play wishlist is easy. After you open the Google Play app on your Android device and start browsing for apps or other content, you'll notice a three-dot button next to each item that you're discovering. Tapping on that button brings up a few options, including adding the item to your wishlist - it's that simple. The three-dot button also shows up when you're searching for a specific app, so you can add stuff to your wishlist from the search results tab, too. Moreover, whenever you open an app's description page, you'll see a + button: this can also be used to add the respective app to the wishlist.  

To manage your wishlist, open the main Google Play menu (by tapping the three-line button seen in the upper left corner, or by simply swiping the screen from the left edge to the right). When the menu is open, you'll see a Wishlist tab. Tapping on it lets you check out everything that's been added to the wishlist. Once again, each item has a three-dot button next to it - from where you can directly install, or remove it from the wishlist.

Google Play's wishlist is useful not just in the case of paid content. Sometimes, if you're on a cellular connection, you may want to save data, so you add items to the wishlist, and revisit it when you can start downloading via Wi-Fi.

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