Hot end-of-summer album deals on Google Play Music


Summer may be pretty much over, but there is no shortage of hot music deals over at Google Play! From the 40s to the 2010s, from jazz to classic rock, to electronica, to pop and hip-hop – our curated list of sweet deals on digital albums has got you covered, whatever your musical tastes may be! So, crank the volume up, prepare to spend a couple of bucks on some great music, and dive right in!

In no particular order, here are our top bang-for-your-bug picks on album deals from Google Play Music:

The Doors' eponymous debut album from 1966 is a heck of a blast to listen to from beginning to end. Introducing the band's trademark fusion of blues, jazz, poetry and whacked-out rock and roll, The Doors' debut record features 11 classic songs with a total duration of 43:05 minutes. Available now for a mere $0.99 on Google Play Music.

Released in November '88, Fleetwood Mac's Greatest Hits is a top-notch compilation of 17 tracks by one of the greatest rock bands ever. With a total running time of 64:19 minutes, the album is now available on Google Play Music for $0.99.

This groovy compilation of rockin' tunes by the Bee Gees will make you forget that summer's almost gone and will get you right back into the disco fever! Yeah, baby, shake and twist! Dance your heart out to these 20 hit bangers, available now in digital form for $0.99.

Their Greatest Hits is the first compilation album by the Eagles. Containing 10 classic rock songs, with a total duration of 43:08 minutes, these fine collection of melodic rock tunes from the 70s can now be yours for only $0.99.

Prince's sixth studio album, and the second to feature his backing band The Revolution, is one of the quintessential pop records of the 80s. Featuring such classics as “When Doves Cry” and “Let's Go Crazy”, it is also the OST to Prince's acting debut – Purple Rain. The record is available now on Google Play Music for $0.99.

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Weezer's brand new “beach” record is an awesome throwback to the band's first two albums, Weezer and Pinkerton, and is the perfect album to sweeten that end-of-summer-nostalgia with. Containing 10 tracks with a total duration of 34:05 minutes, Weezer's grungy, power-pop-infused White Album is now available on Google Play Music for $0.99.

Released two months before Pantera's break up in 2003, this exquisite compilation of 16 top-notch headbangers will grab you buy the neck and it won't let go for well over an hour. Opening with the classic “Cowboys from Hell” and closing on an awesome Sabbath cover (“Hole in the Sky”), Pantera's vulgar tongue-twister of a hits compilation is not to be passed up at $0.99.

Notorious B.I.G.'s Greatest Hits is a compilation album released for the 10th anniversary of the hip-hop legend's death. Containing 18 tracks of pure gangsta rap with a total running time of 76:08 minutes, this album is a great treat for any fans of East Coast hip hop.

The Immaculate Collection is the first greatest hits album by the Queen of pop. Comprised of 17 excellent songs, perfectly preserving the musical zeitgeist of the 80s, this record is a definitive retrospective of Madonna's glory days.

The latest album by Australian electronic duo Hermitude, Dark Night Sweet Light, is an interesting mixture of hip-hop grooves and EDM frenzy. Although abundant in ravy breakbeats and fast-paced tracks, the album manages to strike a balance with compositions, contrasting with muted hazy vocals and ethereal electronic musicscapes. If you haven't heard of Hermitude, now's your chance to get into the duo's cool mixture of styles.

A joint-venture between trip hop collective Thievery Corporation and founding member of the Talking Heads, David Byrne, Heart is a Lonely Hunter is a groovy three-song-record that nonetheless packs a strong punch of 70's funk vibes mixed with Latino beats and electric organs sounds. Definitely some great music to dance to! Available now on Google Play Music for the low, low price of $0.99.

The most expensive entry in this list, Ivy's the Edge of the Ocean contains her 3 mixes of her hauntingly chill and trippy composition of the same name, including the original, of course. Get it on Google Play for $0.99.


You can also pre-order Green Day's and Korn's upcoming albums – Revolution Radio and The Serenity of Suffering – for $4.99 and $3.99 respectively. Please, keep in mind, however, that all the deals listed above will be good for a limited time only (we don't know for how long)

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