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Homeless man busted for using public outlet to recharge cell phones

Homeless man busted for using public outlet to recharge cell phones
How many of us have taken advantage of an electrical outlet on city property to recharge our handset when the battery on the device started to die. It is the sort of thing that happens everyday, usually without incident. Except for when it was done by 23 year old Shaun Fawster. The homeless man was in Bangor, Maine when a pair of handsets in his possession needed to be recharged. Fawster did what every red blooded cell phone owner would have done, he scoured the area looking for an outlet to plug in to and sure enough, he found an outlet hidden behind some flowers.

Unfortunately for the 23 year old, a Bangor Police Officer was just checking out businesses in the area when he came upon Mr. Fawster. He immediately arrested him and charged him with "theft of services".  The officer also found a concealed folding knife hidden under the homeless man's shirt.
After being charged with the offenses, Fawster was released from jail.

How many of us will think twice next time our phones cry out "Feed me" and the only outlet we see is on government property?

source: CBSNews


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