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High-end smartphone to come packed with Intel inside?

High-end smartphone to come packed with Intel inside?
Everyone knows Intel's story at how they became such a prominent company in the computer industry. Their brand recognition has become evident on the outside of many computers throughout the world. They've had their fair share of competition in the past with AMD, but their commitment to produce chips with raw processing power continues to make them a market leader. Seemingly conquering the computer industry, Intel has made little headway in the mobile phone world.

Dadi Perlmutter, executive vice president for Intel's Architecture Group, stated that a high-end smartphone maker would be shipping a phone in 2010 that will contain Intel's 32-nm “Moorestown” platform based on the Atom core. The last time Intel's name was remotely found on some mobile device was with its XScale chip which found its place among HP's iPAQ PDAs. They foresee penetration into mainstream smartphones some time in 2011 with “Medfield” - which analysts expect to be Intel's true smartphone product. Tony Massimini, an analyst with Semico Research, states that “Moorestown looks like a transitional product.”

With strong ties with Asian OEMs and ODMs, Intel will probably have an easier time forming relationships with those companies. On the other hand, they'll have a tough time convincing top-tier European phone manufacturers like Sony Ericsson to adopt Moorestown. If Intel plays their cards right, they may end up taking the mobile world by storm.

source: PC Magazine
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