Here's why Apple iPhone 4S video stabilization makes a difference

Here's why Apple iPhone 4S video stabilization makes a difference
The iPhone 4S comes with an improved backside illuminated, 8-megapixel camera and it’s not just the sheer pixels that Apple has worked on - the overall quality looks much better. This is partly thanks to a larger f/2.4 aperture allowing more light in for the densely packed pixels, but also because of a fifth lens element included. One of the not so obvious improvements is the addition of video stabilization

You’d think, it wouldn’t be such a big deal as the iPhone 4 should be doing a decent job shooting video. But wait until you see the comparison below, which outlines a world of a difference. Sure, the iPhone 4S is no replacement for a video camera but the reality is that it’s much more convenient to shoot with your phone and that’s where a big part of online footage comes from. 

The stabilization you see on the 4S is digital and that means that quality will get degraded. You won’t notice it too much given the fact that you have 1080p video recording but still. 

Should camera makers start getting worried about their most affordable point-and-shoots getting replaced by a smartphone? Feel free to chime in with your impressions about how has your smartphone replaced your camera (if it has). 

source: dvice via TUAW

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