Here's what Apple is really worth in the real world

Here's what Apple is really worth in the real world
Apple - as you should know by now - is the world’s biggest company by market evaluations. Its value fluctuates by the day as shares go up and down, but if we assume that in the last past months it floats around the whopping $619 billion dollars, here is what one could buy with that kind of money. Just in case you wondered, that is.

The London Olympics are big, but you could buy 73 London Olympics with one Apple. Cupertino is also worth 2.14 times the value of the whole country of Greece.

Apple is also worth 2.4 times Microsoft and 3.1 times Google. Oh yeah, and if you think space travel needs a boost, one could get 364 Space Shuttles with one Apple. What else? There is a neat infographic to tell you just how huge Apple is right now. Check it out and let us know, what would you get with that much money?

source: NASDAQ


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