Hello Hero hands-on

Hello Hero hands-on
Nowadays, the majority of mobile games that currently saturate the market are primarily played when there’s a bit of time killing involve – such as those previous few moments after lunch, right before you need to scurry off back to work to slave a few more hours. Well, if you happen to have a knack for a game that’s more comprehensive, especially if you’re a fan of the turn-based roleplaying genre, you’ll appreciate what game developer Fincon, a South Korean based publisher, has in store with its upcoming mobile game in Hello Hero.

Coming to the Apple App Store and Google Play this fall, Hello Hero is a turn-based online roleplaying game that gives gamers control of five heroes that trek across the Planet of Armon. As for the gameplay, it follows many other titles in the genre, where users battle against evil forces in various missions. Of course, this turn-based RPG game requires some serious investment of time to gain powerful characters, but there’s also a multi-player element as well. Specifically, you can participate in different Boss Raids, but even better, there’s a World Boss mode that allows users to participate online together to build up character strengths and abilities every three days.

Visually, the game has a particular look to it, as characters have an anime-like appearance to them – even better though, Fincon sprinkles on a dose of comedy with some of the characters' fighting animations. From serious adventurers like your traditional sword wielding hero, to more comedic ones like the guitar-playing cactus, each character has its own set of abilities and strengths. However, players are forced to think on the fly as to what attacks will work best versus opponents.

Naturally, if you’re all about action games that require constant interaction, you’re not going to find it here in Hello Hero. Rather, if you’re driven by character development and social interaction between other players, you’ll surely appreciate the level of depth it offers. Without a doubt, you'll be investing some serious time in this one!

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