Health assistant and monitor Tinké now available for Android smartphones


Previously available only for iOSdevices, Zensorium, has made its health monitor, Tinké,Android-compatible. Tinké (pronounced "tink") is anoptical sensory device for smartphones that monitors your fitness andwellness with the touch of a finger. The four values that Tinkémeasures are heart rate, respiratory rate, blood oxygen levels, andheart rate variability. The gizmo will officially work with yourSamsung Galaxy S3 & S4, Samsung Galaxy Note, Sony Xperia Z1s, andGoogle Nexus 5.

If you are hearing about this littledevice for the first time, you must be curious how you are supposedto use it. It really doesn't look like anything else out there.Working with Tinké is simple, though. Pair it with your Androidphone, and place your thumb on the sensor to get measurements. Tinkédetects changes in skin blood volume. Then, it relies on its signalprocessing algorithms to transform detected signals into quantitativedata. This data gets used to form Vita and Zen indexes. The Vitaindex is created by piecing together your heart rate, respiratoryrate and blood oxygen saturation levels. This index provides aninstant interpretation of your fitness. The Zen Index uses heart ratevariability as a basis to generate a personalized score thatquantifies your level of relaxation.

Interested users should head toZensorium's web-shop, where Tinké for Android sells for $129.Currently, though, the item is out of stock, and upcoming shipmentsare dated for March.

source: Zensoriumvia SlashGear

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