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HTC's April 2011 Launch event: Live Coverage

Posted: , by Ray S.

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HTC's April 2011 Launch event: Live Coverage
Welcome to our Live Coverage post dedicated to HTC's April 12 announcement, which is going to take place in London shortly. Currently, we do not have official info regarding what we might see, but there are indications that the HTC Sensation/Pyramid may be making an appearance. Anyways, we'll see... Stay tuned as we live-blog from the event! So, are you thrilled to find out what's next? Let the discussion start below!

HTC's event is scheduled to begin at 1:30PM GMT | 5:30AM PT | 7:30AM CT | 8:30AM ET

Unfortunately, we're having some technical difficulties right now. You can keep following the event as it develops in our Twitter account here!

We apologize for the inconvenience!

Live event tracker

08:03looks like its just one phone today, not over yet though
08:02Investment by Vodafone in data, mission to deliver best products and this is it
08:02Launched first in UK in may
07:58Vodafone get it first
07:58Global director of terminals for Voda takes to the stage
07:56Watch allows you to rent or buy video perfectly encoded for your handset sweet
07:54HTC watch, Library of premium movies and tv shows to your handset
07:521080p 30fps with stereo audio and video trimmer
07:528mp camera,http://yfrog.com/gzoxvbfj with reduced shutter delay
07:50Weather widget improvements includes sound effects
07:49Lock screen gives you access to camera email etc
07:48HTC sense updated to include better lock screen
07:47Qhd screen aspect ratio of 16:9
07:46Alluminum unibody
07:46Contoured glass along the screen
07:44Plays video of the sensation
07:43Talks of premium multimedia taking the centre stage. Clearly introducing a "top notch" handset.
07:41Talks about HTC success, including flyer euro sale starting may 9th
07:39EMEA president takes to stage
07:37http://yfrog.com/h390698998j stage cleared, camera at the ready, people in seats. Stay tuned for up to the minute action here at HTC London
07:33Announcemnt, starting in 5
07:21http://yfrog.com/gyhztfgj poised and ready, things should be kicking off here at Bloomsbury lanes in under 10
07:12http://yfrog.com/h7tbkpsgj ready for action at the HTC event, bring on the Sensation, and then some

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