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HTC working on a Siri-esque app?

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HTC working on a Siri-esque app?
Is HTC working on its own personal assistant?
A tweet sent out by Taiwan based manufacturer HTC included what appeared to be a dog having a conversation with a Siri-type app. Of course, most canine's are limited in speech to answering who wore number 3 on the New York Yankees, and what part of the house you see when you look up. HTC jokingly reminded dog fans that the back and forth between Rover, Lassie or whatever the dog's name is and the virtual personal assistant is not real.

So what is the point here? Is HTC working on a Dr. Doolittle app? Seriously, though, is there an underlying reason for this tweet or is HTC really working on a virtual personal assistant of its own? It might just be that HTC has thrown us a bone here, so to speak, but we would rather not have to guess at what the manufacturer's intentions are.

source: HTC

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