HTC pulls tweets regarding WM 7 update for the HD2

HTC pulls tweets regarding WM 7 update for the HD2
Someone over at HTC may have jumped the gun just a little bit when HTC Russia’s Twitter account posted some information revealing that the HTC HD2 would be blessed with a Windows Mobile 7 update down the road. Before we could even blink our eyes, HTC posted another tweet stating that the original posting was an error – plus it’s still unconfirmed whether or not it will see the update.

Owners of the HTC HD2 may have a small bump in the road for right now, but there’s still plenty of time before anymore confirmations will be posted. You never know though, maybe HTC is just playing everything by the books and will ultimately shed some light on this interesting aspect the HD2 might see? So as for right now, HD2 owners will have to live with the unconfirmed status in the mean time.

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source: Twitter via WMExperts


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