HTC TouchFlo 2 Manila interface leaked!

HTC TouchFlo 2 Manila interface leaked!
A Swiss site and an HTC fan blog, provide respectively images and download of the TouchFlo 2 Manila and lets us see it all on video.

The Manila images are beautiful and the interface looks very nice and much improved, hopefully, it will deliver a better user experience and more options to our beloved HTCs. has a video confirming the images are not a hoax. Watching it, you’ll see how slow the program is (running on a 500MHz processor). As suggests it might be due to the need of hardware acceleration (upgrade). The fact that Manila requires a VGA screen, gives us a hint, that HTC is going to offer such devices in future, in answer to Eten.

If you want to try it on your own you can get it here, but as the HTC Insider says, the version for download is intended for the "hacker types" since it is "unlikely to run on your device out of the box".

source: TheUnwired



1. unregistered

Why is this interface is so slow?

2. Jane unregistered

because this is kind of alpha version of this interface ;)

3. unregistered

Because the guy of the movie has it running on Software mode instead of Hardware mode. If he had used hardware mode.. it would be.... MUCH faster!

4. cougar unregistered

i can't download it, i would like to try it.... some help plz

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