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HTC One M9 design leaks and concepts: The very best of what we have so far

HTC One M9 design leaks and concepts: The very best of what we have so far
Keeping on top of the HTC One M9 has proven a whole lot harder than one might think, for intel is literally flowing in non-stop. It's easy, then, to lose track of the meatier leaks – specifically images of the gorgeous new One flagship, but also renders that use those same images of prototypes along what other rumors we've gone through to compose a compelling picture of the upcoming HTC powerhouse. We thought we'd pitch in and help you keep things organized so that you can easily tell between what's supposedly real and what are renderings and concepts – whether tightly or loosely based on the real thing.

As to the picture that all of the images you're about to discover paint, we've got to say that it's looking like HTC is keeping true to its past approach so far, and that's actually a good thing. Said otherwise, we're again expecting a very premium-looking device with a full aluminum unibody build that will feel great in the hand. Both alleged prototype devices and renders based on them (whether loosely or not) seem to agree on a set of BoomSound stereo speakers at the front, but not consensus has been reached as to their exact styling – the first group show us near identical grills, while the latter is probably a tad too ambitious. But perhaps the biggest difference is expected to be seen at the rear, for HTC might be going for a square-ish cutout for the camera sensor, not a round one.

Without any further ado, check what we have in store and let us know what you thought. If t

Alleged HTC One M9 prototypes

Let's open this up with a slew of supposed prototypes of the M9. As you're about to find out for yourself, even those aren't completely in agreement over the exact styling of the flagship-to-be, and sometimes differ in their portrayal of the rear camera sensor and even the existence of a Samsung-like, physical home button. We did our best to arrange them in an order from the most to least believable, but that's obviously an educated guess at most.

Rumor-based HTC One M9 concept renders

What about concept renders, whether based on what is likely real or not? We've mostly got stuff that's very believable overall (e.g. no crazy third camera or something like that), but they're still obviously someone's take on the M9. We appreciate some more than the others, but that's obviously a question of personal taste.

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