HTC Intruder for AT&T shows up in RadioShack's inventory system

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HTC Intruder for AT&T shows up in RadioShack's inventory system
It first started out being the HTC Aria and then became the HTC Liberty, but it looks like another name change is in line for this upcoming AT&T bound handset. Now there is a snap shot of RadioShack's internal inventory system which reveals the HTC Intruder with a full listing cost of $700 and a contract price of $130. It's difficult to say if this is an entirely new handset or if it's indeed the same device as the HTC Aria and Liberty – 3 name changes is surely enough we'd imagine. Although the screen shot visibly shows that the HTC Intruder is bound for AT&T, it doesn't shed light of any of the other specifics regarding the handset – it's possible that it could also be a Windows Mobile phone at this point. Nonetheless, it would most likely fit to be an Android offering more than anything else as we'd imagine AT&T is trying their best to grow their lineup. Even with its somewhat higher price point for what's being regarded as a mid-range offering, we'd surmise that AT&T customers will be more than willing side with any Android set after the experience with the BACKFLIP.

HTC Aria Preliminary Specifications

source: TCJcrew via Unwired View


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