HTC HD2 still able to receive calls after a nasty fall and being run over by cars

HTC HD2 still able to receive calls after a nasty fall and being run over by cars
Although HTC is known to craft some fantastic looking devices, they're genuinely made to withstand some of the normal wear and tear some of us put our phones through. When we look closely at the HTC HD2, it makes you pause for a second to check out its sleek looks, quality workmanship, and of course its powered packed hardware. If you have any doubts about its durability, then you may want to check out video below on how this talk show host explains the experience he had with the venerable smartphone. Apparently the HTC HD2 was left on the roof of his car as he forgot all about it and drove off. Obviously at a certain point, the smartphone flew off the car and smacked dead onto the pavement – all the while getting run over by other cars. Once he got home, he realized that he forgot about the HD2 and went back looking for it. Although he was able to recover it, the handset really took a beating as the touchscreen was completely destroyed in the process. To his own surprise, he was amazed to find that the handset was still able to receive calls flawlessly. After seeing the condition of the device, it makes you want to consider having insurance on it – but hey, it still works fine aside from the cosmetic damages.

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