HTC HD2 for T-Mobile sporting Swype feature?

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HTC HD2 for T-Mobile sporting Swype feature?
There seems to be a small revolt arising when it comes to the usual way we are mostly all accustomed to typing on a smartphone's on-screen keyboard. The latest bandit to adopt the Swype keyboard made famous by the Verizon's Samsung Omnia II, is none other than the highly anticipated HTC HD2 for T-Mobile. We know US consumers are going to be getting a nice treat when the smartphone is made available, but the latest T-Mobile HTC HD2 ROM features a unique file that’ll provide the Swype keyboard. It’s being said that this version is “slightly more accurate and looks much more polished than the original.” It does have some potential, but really requires a steep learning curve when you’re first trying it out – otherwise it can really aid in the typing process once you get a hang of it. Maybe this partnership may really get people out there to start using this alternative way of typing or maybe not – we’ll find out soon enough though.

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1. jrcrow79

Posts: 477; Member since: May 02, 2008

saw the youtube vid on this..weird n takes too much concentration versus knowing how to spell via each key..IMOO

3. artz1986

Posts: 453; Member since: Mar 11, 2009

but that's the point, you're not suppose to concentrate when using swipe, which is what makes it badass...

2. nak1017

Posts: 328; Member since: Jan 08, 2010

They have a beta for swype for android floating around the internet somewhere... it's actually pretty neat

4. Kiltlifter

Posts: 742; Member since: Dec 11, 2008

I think swype needs to come out on the Windows Marketplace and the android market place... and maybe even the app store. They could sell it and make a ton. I am sure some people would pay $10 for the keyboard. I would pay $5-10 as long as I could get a free re-download if I had to wipe my device.

5. Trobes05

Posts: 106; Member since: Aug 01, 2009

I got swype for my droid from Phone Arena a while back and I love it. I still like to use my keyboard but if I don't want to open up the keyboard it works great. Very easy to use and very fast. I was also surprised that it rarely gets the word wrong even if you don't hit the letters perfectly when swyping,

6. djroggen

Posts: 10; Member since: Dec 05, 2009

I agree, but the only issue that i have found with it in terms of using it on the droid is when you want to send a text, and when trying to put in the name it blocks out the area where the auto-populate of contacts is at, i found i have to change input methods many times a day if i use only swype. only a slight annoyance though

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