HTC Diamond with new photos and information

This article contains unofficial information.
HTC Diamond with new photos and information
HTC definitely is not the best in keeping its secrets. In addition to the previous information on the Diamond and Raphael, here come the new high-resolution photos of the former. It is not only piano black, but its back has a Diamond pattern, to remind of its name. The Italian site, mentions some of its specifications, but as it is not officially announced yet, we cannot guarantee they are correct. It is said to be a global GSM/3G (HSDPA 7.2Mbps) Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional smartphone with 2.8" VGA display, 3-megapixel camera and additional VGA one for video calling. The internal memory is 4GB with microSD slot for expansion, thechipset is Qualcomm MSM7201 with processor running at 528 MHz and it features Bluetooth v2.0, WiFi, aGPS and FM radio. An innovation for HTC is a sensor controlling the orientation of the display. All this is claimed to be packed into dimensions of 99 x 51 x 10.7 mm (3.9 x 2 x 0.42 inches).

HTC Diamond Preliminary Specifications

Expect our live coverage of the HTC event on May 6th (Tuesday), where the Diamond is expected to be announced!

source: NewsMobile via EngadgetMobile



1. Pocketme unregistered

Nice work with Photoshop CS3 and the Nokia Model and the back of the Nokia model that is shaped like a gem....

3. unregistered

uhh it is called the touch diamond for a reason genius, and it has basically been confirmed as real

2. casycats unregistered

Does it open with keyboard inside?

4. unregistered

It's eGPS, not aGPS. casycats: No, but Raphael does. Pocketme: It's a render, not a Photoshop. And an official HTC render at that.

9. unregistered

aGPS is assisted gps ... what is eGPS?

13. unregistered

eGPS is Enhanced works similarly but better than aGPS and can get help get a satellite fix in about 4 seconds. It also takes the battery equivalent of less than 1 second of talk time to operate.

5. DeeBee unregistered

This phone looooks fantastic. OMG the back side is like nokia prism, but this will be a fantastic device at all... the successor of the touch probably?! PS: sry but i don't have enough time to check if this is the new Touch :D

6. aufedk

Posts: 14; Member since: Apr 10, 2008

it is the new touch. haha this phone is said the hit T-Mobile stores as the T-Mobile MDA Compact IV. i think. it looks pretty awesome.

10. unregistered

uhh you mean sprint right?

12. unregistered

No, as it is also going to T-Mobile. There are two versions of the Diamond for both CDMA and GSM, just as there are two versions of the Touch.

7. Edward unregistered

Wow.. this phone looks great. Nice size and specs too, I hope the price isn't too bad either :)

8. unregistered

wow, loving this...would be a sick upgrade from my Verizon XV6700 when i switch

11. unregistered

hope the camera is decent..cause any WM phone has crappy camera.

14. unregistered

i cant decide over the Samsung Instinct or the HTC Diamond

15. dsires unregistered

I wonder if verizon will carry both the HTC Diamond and Instinct, has anyone heard anything yet?

16. unregistered

Verizon will not carry any of them as of this year.

17. dkny unregistered

does any body know a price of HTC diamond?

18. antoniss unregistered

Just checked on the expansys site ( AVailable in Europe(Greece) JULY 14 for 579.95Euro ( Unlocked and carrier free)

19. komputa

Posts: 2; Member since: May 21, 2008

when will the htc diamond and raphael hit sprint

20. heydj unregistered

The SAR Rating for the HTC Diamond at 1.33 seems excessive (as reported in Can anyone confirm that this rating is correct ?

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