HP soon to release phone capable Android tablets?

HP soon to release phone capable Android tablets?
A published report on Monday reveals that HP could be closing in on the release of a couple of Android powered tablets. The 6 inch and 7 inch slates would support phone calls, and would be offered in developing markets like China and India. Considering where these devices might end up, HP cannot afford to overprice these new slates. According to the report, the price of each tablet will be no more than $250 off-contract.

As far as design is concerned, these tablets would be based on previous models produced by contract manufacturers Quanta and Pegatron. There is speculation that Hewlett Packard would use these devices to get its foot in the door while it starts working on original models. And with these tablets able to handle voice calls, HP could be looking to re-enter the smartphone business.

Considering that PC sales aren't what they once were, Hewlett Packard is looking elsewhere for growth. The company has already released a line of Android slabs, but with the rumored new models capable of making voice calls, HP might feel the pressure to transition away from PCs, laptops and printers to a full range of Android flavored mobile products.

Back in July, HP Senior Director Yam Su Yin said that the company was working on a unique smartphone and stated that "HP has to be in the game." Two weeks later, we received a render supposedly showing a new HP handset running the Android OS. HP denied that it was working on a new phone. As far as webOS is concerned, the once promising OS was acquired by LG last February, and is being used on a series of televisions by the Korean OEM.

source: TheInformation via Engadget



5. MrRansom12

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As someone who worked there for 4 years, QWIKSTRIKE hit the nail on the head, I wouldnt buy their products if they were cheaper than others. All the internal crap I know and how they do business and having a very high failure rate. Get Lenovo!


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They focus more on passing value and profit to preferred investors, and board members than to the consumer. Tech companies usually go this route when they have nothing else to offer the consumer. They devalue their product to wring out every penny inb profit while offering cheap manifestations of the products that built them, and popelled them to the top. This is why most tech companies die.....no innovation and then trying to cheat customers out of a valued product replaced with junk. The customer eventually catches on they fail go out of business, and the next greatthing replaces them.


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Get rid of Meg and then bring R&D back, and maybe I'd buy. HP is a junk company making junk products., They use to make decent products but sold out to cheap parts assembled in China. When Meg took over she ditched 10,000 jobs and killed off the R&D team completely, and then sent 10,000 jobs off to China. She took over Palm and WEbOs, ditched them and still has no clue of how to run a tech company. Android is fine but they also need a Windows based tablet like Toshiba aired on TV for the Xmas holiday. Want a good tablet phone laptop get Lenovo. Some of you guys will buy anything. Too bad HP used to be great, they bought out Compaw and took over the pocket PC and look Samsung made the Note which is nothing more than a Pocket PC Android phone. They make good printers and sell them cheap becaue they make the money on selling high priced cheap short life ink....no more value in the products that they make....tooo bad.....don't get me started on they laptop line that I and my family bought.

3. joey_sfb

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Please release phone tablet. I buy Samsung high end 3G/LTE tablet because they phone capable.

2. lilhart

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PCs might become another device, when Superphones and Tablets storm the market. The chain has started and HP should do better than X2 to stay in the game.

1. itsdeepak4u2000

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