Google pledges to have Goggles available for the iPhone

Google pledges to have Goggles available for the iPhone
When you have a platform to support, it would only make sense to  develop flagship apps for it first before bringing it out to other rival platforms – case in point Google Goggles. Android users have long been able to check out and use the nifty visual search app, actually, it was launched last December and has been integrated with the platform since Android 2.1. Naturally, this strategy of bringing apps like this one onto Android first makes sense, especially when they're more than willing, before venturing out to other smartphone platforms. However, it seems that iPhone users will be able to scope out the wonders of Google Goggles some time down the road. Google's very own David Petrou, announced on Monday at Stanford University's Hot Chips conference that they promise to get the app onto the iPhone by the end of the year, however, no official date was mentioned. Not only does the app allow you to take images using a phone's camera to populate search results, but it is even used to scan QR codes. Nonetheless, it's always nice to see Google still reaching out to other platforms in proliferating the spread of their apps.

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1. phonedemocracy

Posts: 98; Member since: Sep 30, 2009

Maybe apple should make itunes available on other platforms. O wait, they actually don't care about customers in general, just their own.

2. clevername

Posts: 1436; Member since: Jul 11, 2008

Very few companies actually care about customers. And fewer care about customers that aren't there's. Those that do only care because they are potential customers.

3. dlkdj unregistered

Itunes has corrupted enough of my pics!...they better hurry up and make rumors of wireless syncing true!!

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