Google leaps over Apple as the most valuable brand name

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Google leaps over Apple as the most valuable brand name
According to Millward Brown's 2014 100 Top BrandZ report, Google is now the most valuable brand on the planet, worth nearly $158.9 billion. The tech titan saw its brand increase in value by 40%. Part of the increase in Google's value was due to Google Glass. The wearable is now available to anyone with $1500 to spend.

Dropping to second after three years on top, is Apple. The value of the brand started all those years ago in a garage, is now worth approximately $147.9 billion. But unlike the rise in Google's name, the value of the Apple brand declined by 20%. With all of the talk about a larger-screened Apple iPhone and a Apple iWatch, neither had hit the market by the time the report was published. 

Other major players in mobile that are included in the top ten include Microsoft, fourth with a brand valuation of $90.2 billion, up a healthy 29%. The value of the AT&T name rose 3% to $77.9 billion as the operator finished eighth. And at number ten is Amazon, which saw the value of its brand soar 41% to $64.3 billion.

A couple of mobile carriers show up in regional lists. In Continental Europe, T-Mobile has the second most valuable brand, while the same honor is given to China Mobile in Asia.

Google leaps over Apple to have the most valuable brand in the latest Millard Brown report

source: MillardBrown via AppleInsider


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