Google is also charging an ETF for the Nexus One

Google is also charging an ETF for the Nexus One
You probably don’t find paying for early termination fees cool, but carriers do make a point when imposing one, since you’ve first bought the phone at a discounted price, which means compensation should be paid to the carrier. In the case of the HTC Nexus One, the moment after the 14-day return policy period has ended, you’ll have to pay from $50 to $200 to T-Mobile, should you decide to cancel your contract. However, you should bear in mind that Google is also charging those users, who purchase the Nexus One at a subsidized price. You will be charged the difference between the phone’s retail price and the price you have paid for it. For example, if you have bought the N-One for $179, you will be charged $350 ($529 - $179 = $350), in addition to the ETF you’ve paid T-Mobile. Google will impose the "Equipment Recovery Fee" if you decide to skip out during the first 120 days of service and the 14-day grace period has ended.

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HTC Nexus One Specifications

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