Google has built a "firewall" between Android team and Motorola

Google has built a "firewall" between Android team and Motorola
There has been a constant bit of concern from the Android community that Google would give an unfair advantage to Motorola after the acquisition went through. And, although there is almost no reason to believe that this will actually happen, or that if it were to happen that Google wouldn't do something really good with it, the fears over this concern have been continually played upon by Google's rivals. 

Of course, Google and Eric Schmidt have continually said that Motorola would be kept separate and run as if it were an independent company. The recent news that Google would be installing its own CEO to replace Motorola's former-CEO Sanjay Jha again made some scared, even though such a move makes perfect sense. Now, it's Android head Andy Rubin's turn to try to reassure people that nothing will change with Android. Rubin made it out to seem that he is in the dark about what is happening with Motorola, saying that he doesn't know who is running the division. Rubin went on to say that Google has "literally built a firewall" between his team and the Motorola team, and that he doesn't know "anything about [its] products". 

Beyond that the Android team and Motorola team are completely separate, Rubin also said that he thinks it's a pretty simple equation to support why it should stay that way. In his view, the simple fact that Motorola holds a single-digit percentage of a highly competitive Android market is reason enough, because Rubin thinks it is essentially impossible for Google to "get Motorola to be 90 plus percent marketshare".

As we expected, it does seem like Google will be sticking to its word and not getting too hands-on with Motorola, at least its mobile device division. There is still a fair shot that Google will be more hands on with other electronics devices, like TV set-top boxes, from Motorola. 

source: The Verge


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