Google has a Nexus 5 with a fingerprint scanner

The Nexus 5 is now officially discontinued and there is no way to officially buy a brand new one in the United States. And yes, we’re upset that there is no regular-sized phone to represent the best of stock Android, but if you look at some of the latest Android M promo videos on Google Developers, you’d think that the Nexus 5 is what most Googlers use to this day.

In this particular one about fingerprint support and payments with Android Pay, we see something even more interesting - a red Nexus 5 with a fingerprint scanner.

What? Does such a phone even exist? The answer to that question is ‘no’, at least - it's not for sale (and likely won't be). However, Google does have some of those fancy fingerprint-toting Nexus 5 on campus, and it's using them to test the new fingerprint features of Android M.

It's not the prettiest thing in the world (with the fingerprint scanner positions on the back, which goes against the current agreement among top-tier smartphones that the scanner should be positioned on the front, below the display), but it is an interesting little gadget for us, nerds, to ogle at.

Check it out in images and video below (Nexus moment starts at 2:56).

Video Thumbnail

starting at 2:56

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