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Google+ for iPhone finally approved

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Google+ for iPhone finally approved
We just had the Google+ mobile site updated for compatibility with IE on Windows Phone 7, and now the iPhone app has finally made it through Apple's approval process. The app has the features that you would expect from an iPhone app, but only has a couple features that separate it from the mobile version and more bugs than you may want. 

Google+ for iPhone is almost identical to the Android app in appearance with only a couple of differences to the Circles page being the biggest UI differences. The app gives you easy access to your Stream and Circles for easy sharing and viewing of posts; Photos to see other's posts or access your photo posts and Picasa albums; and, Huddle for your group messaging needs. The app also features Push Notifications and the ability to take photos with the app and easily upload them for sharing. 

Unfortunately, those last two features are the only thing that really sets this app apart from the mobile version that you have been able to access through your browser. In addition, early reports say the app is buggy and will often hang for 5-10 seconds or crash completely on iOS4 and on iOS5 the instability is even worse. Top that off with the fact that the Google+ app does not work on iPod Touch or iPads. This is strictly iPhone only. And, this is also US only for now as well, the app will not be in international App Stores. 

Aside from those issues, the app is does still feature similar limitations to the Android version in that you can't reshare posts, like comments, see who liked things, access people's profiles with a +mention, and depending on your engagement level, notifications can become overwhelming. 

We weren't expecting an app on par with Android, especially given the auto-upload of photos and video available in Android, but the overall bugginess of the iPhone app is disappointing. If you really want Push Notifications and easier photo sharing, definitely grab the app, otherwise, you might want to stick with the mobile website until the app is updated. Although, with the approval process on iOS that could be a while.

Of course, Google+ is still invite only. But, if you'd like an invite just leave your e-mail in the comments and we'll send you an invite (or one of our other friendly readers can help out.)

*Update* Google+ lead product manager, Punit Soni has said that the original version of the app that Apple had posted did not include a number of bug fixes. If you installed the app within the first couple hours it was up, you should remove the app and reinstall to get the newer version with the bug fixes.


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