Google files to test "next-gen personal communication device"

Google files to test "next-gen personal communication device"
Gather round everyone, because it is time for some blind speculation! An FCC filing has come out which shows that Google is planning to test a new "next-gen personal communication device" on its Mountain View campus and around the country. There is almost no information as to what the device could be, but that just means we get to speculate wildly as to what it could be. 

The only information on the filing is that the device includes both WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity. The filing says the testing period is from January 15th to July 15th of this year, and that Google wants to test 102 units across the US. The device is listed as being just a prototype, although it is listed as having been manufactured by Google itself. 

We have no idea what the device could be, although there have already been some guesses from the blogosphere. Some say it's a possibility that it could be the HUD glasses that Google has been rumored to be building, although as it has been explained, that isn't exactly a "communication device", but more of an augmented reality/discovery device. It is also possible that it has something to do with Android@Home, but there isn't really much need for another communication device that would be locked onto a home network. 

So, time for wild guessing! What do you guys think this mystery "next-gen personal communication device" could be? 

source: FCC via SlashGear
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