Google Q3 report shows record earnings, but doesn't talk Android

Google Q3 report shows record earnings, but doesn't talk Android
Google held its earnings call for Q3 2011 today and the numbers are looking good for the company. On the purely financial side of things, Google is reporting record earnings. Year-on-year revenue was up 33% for Q3 clocking in at a whopping $9.72 billion, which beat the estimates by almost $1 billion. 

Unfortunately, there was nothing about Android or mobile revenue in the earnings call. The call broke down revenue generated from Google sites and the AdSense network, but did not cover specifics on AdMob revenue, or Android Market revenue. It is possible that Google is saving this information as an homage to Steve Jobs, and it will be part of the announcement for Ice Cream Sandwich and the Nexus Prime, but we'll have to wait and see on that. 

We're hoping we see a better breakdown of mobile next week at the ICS event, but regardless, Google had a great quarter, and the company stock has jumped 35.61 points (6.37%) in after hours trading since the earnings call was made. 

source: Google via BGR and The Next Web


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