Google+ (Plus) app has hidden NFC sharing

Google+ (Plus) app has hidden NFC sharing
Good news for a few hundred people out there! It turns out that the new Google+ Android app has a hidden NFC sharing feature. The Google+ app launched on June 28th, the feature was found on June 1st, and the news of its existence has just made the jump to major tech blogs. That is a pretty well hidden feature.

So, of course, to use the feature you'll need a Nexus S, which remains the only NFC-capable Android phone, a Google+ account, and the Google+ app. Luckily for you Nexus S users, the word on the street is that Google+ registration has begun to open up to the public. Word from Vic Gundotra is that Google is rolling it out, so if definitely check to see if you're one of the lucky ones who can get in.

Once you've collected the three magical items, you'll be able to share information from NFC tags through the Google+ app. The uses seem fairly limited right now, but the app will automatically read text content from an NFC tag, so this feature could easily be used to share location data, check-in data, or even bring people into a Huddle conversation.

source: via Engadget

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