Google Pay now supports T-Mobile's unannounced digital banking service

Google Pay now supports T-Mobile's unannounced digital banking service
Google Pay is adding support for more banks and financial institutions almost on a weekly basis, but the latest information regarding the mobile payment service stands out. Apparently, Google Pay is now supported by T-Mobile MONEY, a service that hasn't been introduced in the United States yet.

T-Mobile MONEY has been silently added to the list of banks that support Google Pay, 9to5Google reports. Although this may come as a surprise, T-Mobile had a similar service which it closed two years ago.

What's really interesting is that a T-Mobile MONEY website is up and running, which suggests the Uncarrier plans to make it official very soon. Another interesting piece of information revealed by T-Mobile is that its digital banking service is fully compatible with two other mobile payment services: Apple Pay and Samsung Pay.

If you're a T-Mobile customer you can even sign up for the MONEY service before it goes official. You can find more details about the benefits of having a T-Mobile MONEY account on the service's website.



1. cmdacos

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Mmmmm... Digital cookies from T-Mobile's baking service...

2. emvxl

Posts: 142; Member since: Sep 29, 2009

I was going to say as well.

3. lyndon420

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Mmmm.... digital baking!!

4. spiral777

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I hope they bake butterscotch cookies :)

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