Google Maps 5.3 for Android allows you to view your location history dashboard

Google Maps 5.3 for Android allows you to view your location history dashboard
For anyone grasping tightly onto an Android 1.6+ device, you’re once again being treated with yet another tasteful update for Google Maps.

Naturally, Google’s highly prized mobile platform is getting in with the latest version of Google Maps – and with this one, it’s now version 5.3. Although some people might not be all that into “checking in” to various places, like Foursqaure, Google is nonetheless attempting to get its users to get on board with this trend.

Specifically, the new update features things like the ability to check in at home once you’ve set the location in Google Latitude, adding specific feedback to certain places when you rate them, and access to your very own location history dashboard. With the location dashboard, it actually breaks down the amount of time you’re at work, home, or elsewhere – thus giving you a detailed look at what you do on a weekly basis.

Definitely more focused on Latitude aspects more than anything, hopefully it’ll get user to consistently check-in to specific areas.

source: Google Mobile Blog via Android Central


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