Gold Apple iPhone 5S casing stars in new video

Gold Apple iPhone 5S casing stars in new video
As we get closer to September 10th, the date when Apple is expected to unveil the Apple iPhone 5S and Apple iPhone 5C, we will probably see more videos like the one below. The video displays the casing for the Apple iPhone 5S, believed to be the next iteration of Apple's iconic smartphone. This casing happens to be the gold or champagne colored model and we get to see the parts that will be assembled with this shell such as the SIM tray, volume controls and the mute switch.

It is extremely easy to determine if you are looking at an Apple iPhone 5 or an Apple iPhone 5S thanks to the inclusion of a dual LED flash on the new model. This leaves a pill or lozenge shaped cut-out to the side of the camera lens as opposed to the rounder cut-out on the iPhone 5. Additionally, the small opening for the microphone has a new round shape on the iPhone 5S compared to the oval shape on the current version of the device.

While most of the casing, or shell if you prefer, of the gold iPhone 5S matches the casing for the Apple iPhone 5, there is one small change with the font of the printing on the lower back. As we've pointed out before with the Apple iPhone 5C casing, the iPhone name is done up with a thinner font presumably to match the new UI on iOS 7.

The video closes with a comparison of the Apple iPhone 5S and the Apple iPhone 5C shells. The latter is expected to be the budget priced version using a thicker plastic shell. With this phone, we expect to see five different color options (hence the 5 C name). As for the Apple iPhone 5S, we should see black, white, gold and possibly a granite or gun-metal color. All should be revealed on September 10th.

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