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Go behind the scenes of Boost Mobile's new commercial, "Bill From Hell"

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Go behind the scenes of Boost Mobile's new commercial,
He is menacing and every step he takes brings him closer to you. Is it Jason, wearing the hockey mask? Is it Freddie Kruger? No! It is something even worse, it is your monthly cellular bill, or as Boost Mobile puts it, The "Bill From Hell". Watch the video below to check out all of the behind the scenes action related to the inspiration behind the carrier's ad.

Sprint's no-contract subsidiary Boost Mobile offers unlimited talk, text and web  for Android starting at $55 a month. After half-a-year of paying on time, your bill drops to $50 and is cut to $45 after a year of on-time payments. After 18 months of prompt payments, your bill is frozen at $40 monthly. BlackBerry service starts at $60 and drops to as low as $45 after a year and a half. Some of the phones available at Boost are the Gingerbread flavored LG Marquee with a bright 4 inch WVGA NOVA display, priced at $279.99 and the BlackBerry Curve 8530 for $179.99. An online Valentine's Day discount code cuts the price of the latter device by $30.

Check out the Boost Mobile ad, "Bill From Hell". The first video takes you behind the scene while the second shows you the completed extended cut. For many of you out there with an onerous monthly invoice from your carrier, this ad will hit home.

source: BoostMobile

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