Get a year's worth of unlimited LTE data or $10 credits by bringing a friend over to T-Mobile's network - PhoneArena

Get a year's worth of unlimited LTE data or $10 credits by bringing a friend over to T-Mobile's network

Get a year's worth of unlimited LTE data or $10 credit by bringing your friends over to T-Mobile's n
There's nothing like the competition's antics - in this case, Sprint's new Family Share plans, which neglect old customers and take four charts to explain - to grind T-Mobile CEO John Legere's gears into making another Un-carrier move. 

This time, the magenta-clad Dark Knight of wireless wants his customers to "throw a lifeline" to disgruntled Sprint, AT&T, or Verizon customers by bringing them over to T-Mobile's network. In exchange, both clients will receive unlimited LTE data for a full year ahead, and Simple Choice subscribers who already signed up for unlimited LTE data will receive a monthly $10 credit for the next 12 months.

The offer will be up starting next Friday, August 29. "Rescuers" must enter their and their friends' number at T-Mobile's referral page within 30 days of the latter's activation. Unlimited LTE data or bill credit will start in the same month for both parties.

Of course, the deal announcement is brimming with banter from both John Legere and T-Mo's marketing chief, Mike Sievert. Read the attached press-release if you don't wanna miss it, and if you need more of Legere's pro-consumer tirades in your life, head over to the man's blog.

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T-Mobile Urges Its Customers to Rescue Beleaguered Sprint Customers
Offers free unlimited LTE data upgrade for a full year to Simple Choice customers who bring a Sprint (or Verizon or AT&T) customer over to the Un-carrier

BELLEVUE, Washington – August 21, 2014 – Sprint’s customers have suffered much. They’ve endured the Framily. They’ve endured America’s slowest nationwide LTE network. And now again, the (ironically named) carrier has forsaken its loyal customers, offering its latest, “best deals” to everyone but its own current customers. It’s hard to watch.

But now T-Mobile (NYSE: TMUS) is stepping forward to help. Today, the Un-carrier announced a new program encouraging T-Mobile customers to save their friends and colleagues still with Sprint.

Starting next week, whenever a T-Mobile Simple Choice customer throws a lifeline to a Sprint (or AT&T or Verizon) customer and brings them to the Un-carrier, both receive unlimited LTE data for a full year on T-Mobile’s blazing-fast LTE network, at no additional charge. T-Mobile Simple Choice customers who already have unlimited LTE data receive a $10 credit each month for twelve months.

“It continues to amaze me to see the old carriers failing to listen to their customers−or reward them for their loyalty,” said John Legere, president and CEO of T-Mobile. “That arrogance and indifference has defined the U.S. wireless industry for too long. We’re changing all that. In fact, this entire Un-carrier consumer movement is built on the simple act of listening to customers.”

Earlier this week, Sprint introduced a new offer for T-Mobile, AT&T and Verizon customers−leaving its own customers wondering about the price of loyalty. At the same time, Sprint launched a new family plan with a fixed data cap and no option for unlimited LTE data. When families exceed their cap – assuming that’s even possible on the nation’s slowest LTE network – families are hit with overages to the tune of $15 per gigabyte.

In stark contrast, T-Mobile’s Simple Choice plan comes with unlimited data, talk and text − and with no overages and no annual service contracts − on America’s fastest nationwide 4G LTE network.

“When we saw how Sprint’s dissing its own customers and dropping unlimited LTE plans for families, we knew we had an opportunity to help these people out,” said Mike Sievert, Chief Marketing Officer for T-Mobile. “Only a ‘carrier’ would be arrogant enough to make an offer limited only to new prospects, while forgetting their existing customers. The Un-carrier way is to give the best offers to your loyal customers – and that’s what we’re doing again today.”

Rescuing a Sprint (or Verizon or AT&T or other) customer is simple. Starting next Friday, August 29th, T-Mobile customers just report their good deed at You’ll need your T-Mobile number and your friend’s number they've ported over. When you report a successful rescue mission within 30 days of your friend’s activation with T-Mobile, the unlimited LTE data service or bill credit for both of you will start that month.

Limited time offer; subject to change. Qualifying Simple Choice plan required; not available for pre-paid. Referee must register at and identify referrer within 30 days after activation. $10 credit provided as bill credit, starting after qualified referral. Referee and referrer must maintain active service, and be in good standing on account, when credits are processed. Limit one $10 monthly credit or unlimited 4G LTE offer per referrer account. Referrer and referee must both maintain service without plan changes to continue receiving referral benefit.

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