German court upholds ban on push notifications in iCloud and MobileMe

German court upholds ban on push notifications in iCloud and MobileMe
Motorola scored a couple of victories against Apple today as the mobile patent wars continue unabated. The most clear-cut victory for Motorola was the courts rejection of Apple’s challenge to their injunction of push-notifications in iCloud and MobileMe. With the injunction being upheld German customers will be without iCloud and MobileMe push email for some time. Apple was also ordered to pay an unspecified amount of damages to Motorola.

In the meantime, Apple’s support pages now provide advice on how to set up manual email deliver on your iOS device, starting out:

Apple wasn’t content to simply explain the situation to customers, adding a final dig: “Apple believes Motorola's patent is invalid and is appealing the decision.” Of course companies never think that patents being asserted against them are valid, and they always think their own patents are valid, so Apple’s opinion here is what you would expect from any company handed the short end of the legal stick.

If you are affected by this ruling and need step-by-step instructions on how to enable email retrieval from Apple’s cloud services, hit up the source link below to get some non-push email action on your iPhone.

source: Apple Support; WSJ

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